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AVAAZ action – Days left to stop mass extinction

26 Oct

A third of all animals and plants on earth face extinction — endangered blue whales, coral reefs, and a vast array of other species. The wave of human-driven extinction has reached a rate not seen since the fall of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

But there is a plan to save them — a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our seas and lands by 2020. Right now, 193 governments are meeting in Japan to address this crisis. But without public pressure, they are likely to fall short of the bold action needed to avert the collapse of ecosystems the world over.

This summit ends on Friday, October 29 — we have no time to lose. Let’s rapidly build a global public outcry urging governments to save all life on earth from runaway decline. Sign the petition below and it will be delivered directly to the meeting:

To all parties of the Convention on Biodiversity:
One third of Earth’s species face extinction. We call on you to urgently agree to create, execute and fund the protection of 20% of our oceans and lands by 2020. Only bold and immediate action will protect our planet’s rich diversity of life.



Sea Shepherd activists free hundreds of threatened bluefin tuna off Libya

22 Oct

Steve Irwin crew throws rotten butter during confrontation with Italian and Libyan fishermen over endangered bluefin catch

Why anti-whaling campaigners are the bluefin tuna’s last hope

Sea Shepherd activist cuts blue tuna fishing net during Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Defense Campaign Sea Shepherd activist cuts the bluefin tuna fishing net in the Mediterranean. Photograph: Simon Ager/Sea ShepherdGreen activists using helicopters, divers and rotten butter yesterday confronted Libyan and Italian fishermen to release hundreds of threatened bluefin tuna which they strongly suspect were illegally caught off the Libyan coast.

In the first action of its kind in north African waters, the international crew of the California-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society released around 800 tuna from a cage being towed behind the Italian trawler Cesare Rustico.

Stocks of bluefin tuna, one of the most valuable but endangered fish in the Mediterranean, have been decimated by ruthless overfishing in the last 20 years to the point where they are now unlikely to survive more than a few more years. Catches are limited to two weeks of the year and shipowners have been given strict quotas by governments, but with little policing, the industry has been easily able to flaunt the law.

In a statement from the boat, Captain Paul Watson said: “Sea Shepherd’s helicopter reconnaissance flight this morning found two fishing vessels. One was engaged in transferring bluefin tuna into one of the two nets being towed by the other vessel.

“The captain of the Cesare Rustico said when questioned that the tuna were caught on the morning of the 14th by the Libyan vessel Tagreft. When we replied that the number of tuna in the cage exceeded the quota for the Tagreft, the captain said the cage also included tuna from seven other Libyan seiners. All the catches were caught on the 14th, the last legal day, according to the captain.

“The problem with this explanation was that we had observed … weather conditions for those two days made fishing virtually impossible.

“The extremely difficult conditions, coupled with the position of the cages only 40 miles off the Libyan coast, when they should have been moving 25 miles a day, suggested to us that the fish were freshly caught within the last three days at the most.”

The Sea Shepherd, which annually confronts Japanese whalers in the Antarctic waters, then asked to examine the fish for juveniles. “We were refused. I then put the bow of the Steve Irwin onto the cage so we could look into the cage from the bow to examine it further.

“Suddenly, the Maltese vessel Rosaria Tuna rammed the Steve Irwin on the aft port side and slid alongside the port rail, as a fisherman tried to violently gaff Sea Shepherd crewmembers with a long, sharp-hooked pole.”

In the ensuing fracas, the Steve Irwin crew crew retaliated throwing rotten butter at the fishermen, and then sent divers into one of the cages to identify the size, age, and quantity of the bluefin tuna caught.

“Once it was clearly established that the cage was overstocked and that a high percentage were juveniles, Sea Shepherd divers freed the 700-800 tuna,” said Watson.

“It is our position that the bluefin tuna we freed from that cage held a large number of juveniles and that the fish were caught after the official closure of the season. It is also our position that the fish that we freed exceeded the quota,” said Watson.

“They shot out of that net like racehorses,” said Canadian cameraman Simon Ager.

Photo’s: Protest in Rotterdam, 14th october Taiji Dolphin Action Day

14 Oct

This tuesday the 14th it was international action day for Taiji dolphins. In the Netherlands, EDEV – Een DIER Een VRIEND organized a protest against the Japanese consult in Rotterdam. Here are some pics

protest organized by EDEV

Call for action 14th of oktober for Taiji Dolphins (Dutch)

4 Oct

Donderdag 14 oktober zal EDEV – Een DIER Een VRIEND in het kader van de wereldwijde Save Japan Dolphins Day een protestmars houden in de binnenstad van Rotterdam.

De Japanse overheid geeft 23.000 vergunningen per jaar aan de kustgemeenschappen om dolfijnen van verschillende soorten te slachten. De dolfijnen worden eerst gevangen in een inham, waarna zij de volgende dag doodgestoken worden met lange speren, vissershaken en messen. Een aantal dolfijnen wordt met grote winst verkocht aan aquaria en zogenaamde ‘zwemmen-met-dolfijnen-programma’s’ over de hele wereld. De in gevangenschap levende dolfijnen-industrie subsidieert daarmee dus deze slachting. Een levende dolfijn die verkocht wordt aan een aquarium levert een velen malen hogere winst op dan een dode dolfijn die verkocht wordt voor het vlees. Het vlees bevat overigens enorme hoeveelheden kwik en andere verontreinigende stoffen. EDEV wil, net als alle andere dierenvrienden in de wereld, dat dit stopt. Daarom protesteren wij op deze dag en vragen de autoriteiten van Japan om actie te ondernemen.

De protestmars zal om 12.00 uur beginnen bij het Centraal Station en we lopen dan langzaam via de Weena en de Karel Doormanstraat naar het Japanse Consulaat op de Van Oldenbarneveltplaats. Onderweg zullen we folders en protestkaarten aan mensen uitdelen. Om 14.00 uur is de actie afgelopen.

Wil je meelopen? Geef je op door deze email te beantwoorden met daarin je naam en telefoonnummer en geef a.u.b. aan of je met meerdere personen komt.

Voor meer informatie over de dolfijnenmoord in Taiji zie: <>

P.S.: Het Consulaat ligt op hooguit 15 minuten loopafstand van het Centraal Station, dus als je (eerder) weg moet, ben je zo bij het station.