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This months pledge, september 2010: SAVE TAIJI DOLPHINS

13 Sep

The annual Dolphin killing season in Taiji started again. The movie ‘The Cove’ was a international break through for Ric O’barry’s long fight to stop the dolphin killing in Taiji. But despite the success of the movie and the international controversy that came out, the dolphin hunt will continue this year as normal.

On the ground in Japan and Taiji there are lots of activists trying to prevent these beautiful creatures from killing, but they need your help!

What can you do!!

1# Call, write and protest at the Japanese Embassy in your Country. At the link below you can find the contact details of all the embassies around the world. Call them and ask them polite that you want the dolphin killing and commercial selling to dolphinarium to be stopped, tell them the world is watching and we will not rest till this annual hunting is stopped.

find your Embassy:

2# Organize a protest at your local Japan Embassy! Find friends, other organizations to protest at the Japanese Embassy. Make banners, be creative, be polite but persistent and tell them we as a international community will never agree with this horrible and useless killings of these beautiful and intelligent creatures. The more protests, picket lines the better! Don’t forget to inform your national and local press! Make it visual, press love visual interesting photo’s, the more visual and creative your protest is, the more chance it will hit the news!

3# Sign the online petition Help us reach our goal of one-millions signatures on our Petition to stop the dolphin slaughter.

4# Inform and educate people about what’s happening in Japan, show them the movie ‘The Cove’. Get them involved!

5# Last but not least, boycott your local dolphinarium. dolphins and other marine mammals should never be kept in captivity. Let them know that as long as the industry support the dolphin killings by buying the best dolphins from the Japanese fishers, they support and are responsible for the killing of 10.000 brothers and sisters dolphins.

More information about Taiji Dolphins you can find here

Save Japan Dolphins